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Wild Paper Site Changes

What’s new:-



10 Dec

Pomegranate Fern A4 printer paper back in stock

05 Dec

Cutch Red A4 lokta printer paper is back in stock

15 Nov

Walnut Rose gift wrap paper back in stock

11 Oct

Pumpkin colour A4 printer paper for Halloween!

06 Jun

New photos of handmade paper document folders

05 Jun

A4 Indigo printer paper back in stock!

15 Feb

2 new Petal papers - Orange Petal & Orange & Blue

31 Jan

Single Red envelopes for Chinese New Year & Valentines!

16 Jan

Handmade Hearts cards for Valentines Day!



16 Dec

Buy handmade Xmas cards from Nepal posted 1st class

12 Dec

A4 Dark Walnut back in stock!

19 Jul

NEW - A4 sheets of hand marbled paper

22 Jun

NEW - Blue Indigo Swirl A4 printer paper

14 Apr

more types of traditional hand marbled paper - check it out!

08 Apr

We now sell beautiful Italian Handmade Marbled Paper!



24 Aug

Rolled gift wrap page re-built to correct shopping cart error

23 Jan

Valentines Day? - check out our beautiful handmade paper here

04 Jan

We have moved to Studio I-318 - see footer


29 Dec

Orders placed over the New Year period will be sent on 4 Jan

24 Dec

We are moving to new premises in the Custard Factory

24 Dec

Natural C6 handmade paper envelopes back in stock

10 Dec

Christmas handmade gift wrap, cards & presents

26 Nov

Yellow A4 printer paper is back in stock

21 Nov

Use new Wild Paper mobile app to buy paper on your smartphone

20 Nov

A3 Tibetan Tea printer paper is back in stock

22 Oct

How to Make a Halloween Pumpkin bowl from handmade paper

24 Sep

6 new handmade tissue papers in brighter colours!

18 Aug

New swatch pack for decorative Craft papers

12 Aug

Persian Rose & Cobalt Blue - 2 new coloured artists papers!

10 Aug

A4 Tibetan Tea paper is back in stock!

20 Jun

A4 Thick Lokta paper back in stock!

18 Apr

Brief history of Paper Making - 9 Key Dates in Papermaking History

02 Mar

Textured Gold & Textured Silver handmade gift wrap paper

04 Feb

Looking for handmade Valentines paper? Check out this out


22 Dec

New - Pink Flowers on Pink wrapping paper

15 Dec

Bright Red artists paper for arts, crafts & decorations

13 Dec

Thick 100gsm Banana Artists paper is now back in stock

12 Dec

3 new decorative craft papers for arts & crafts

03 Dec

New handmade wrapping paper for Xmas - Gold Flowers

25 Nov

New decorative A4 papers for artists & crafters!

24 Nov

New for Christmas - Gold on Chocolate wrapping paper

22 Nov

New for Xmas - Silver Flowers on Violet gift wrapping paper

12 Nov

Looking for Xmas ideas - try our handmade paper gifts guide!

10 Nov

A3 Natural printer paper is now back in stock

01 Oct

Our dyed & undyed lokta Tissue paper now sold in 3 sheet packs

09 Jul

New - a lighter weight Banana paper - thin & flexible

19 Jun

NEW handmade paper notebooks

26 Apr

Buy 3 new Artists papers - Indigo, Storm & Walnut

24 Mar

New photos of Dark Walnut & Walnut Fern A4 paper

19 Feb

New photos of rolled Handmade Artists Papers

02 Feb

New Valentines gift wrap paper


16 Dec

New - Brown on Gold, Red Lotus & Textured Silver papers

10 Dec

3 new Om cards added to handmade cards from Nepal

10 Dec

Folded gold paper is now on a separate page from rolled gold & silver paper

09 Dec

New Silver on Orange & Textured Gold gift wrap papers

03 Dec

Buy Handmade Xmas cards & Valentines cards from Nepal

29 Nov

Our handmade notelets are all back in stock!

25 Oct

New - A3 Hemp printer paper

14 Oct

A3 Natural handmade computer paper back in stock

08 Oct

New petal & fern gift wrap paper

08 Oct

Pumpkin paper, envelopes & string for Halloween invites & gifts

18 Sep

2 New Natural A4 papers dyed with Saffron & Tibetan Tea

19 Aug

Pink Swirl wrapping paper back in stock

02 Aug

New - Gold & Silver metallic A4 lokta papers for valuable gifts

15 Mar

2 new Silver Gift Wrap papers - Silver Leaf on Saffron & on Blue

14 Mar

wider range of Wrapping Paper swatches - 3 packs

13 Mar

2 new vibrant computer papers - Violet & Willow

07 Mar

New - thick lokta artists paper

19 Feb

Google Translate is now at bottom of page in the Footer

29 Jan

Buy handmade paper notelets as gifts or to make a gift special

10 Jan

New - making lokta paper, making lokta string & rose leaf paper

10 Jan

Handmade cards moved to Tropical Birthday cards website



20 Nov

3 new silver & gold wrapping papers for Xmas

09 Oct

skeleton leaves now available in bright colours

02 Oct

new DL size envelopes in red and pumpkin

21 Sep

15% discount on lokta origami papers for ltd period

20 Sep

2 new golden gift wrap papers

17 Sep

15 A3 printer papers for all your art & craft projects

14 Aug

5 new gift tags - now 9 types to match your paper & envelopes

25 July

Buy a Gift Voucher for a friend or relative & email or give it

28 May

handmade gift tags & skeleton leaves back in stock

27 May

new Green envelopes & mixed envelope selection packs

17 May

new Cranberry Swirl wrapping paper

29 Apr

buy Handmade paper document folders for your papers

24 Apr

20% discount on handmade lokta albums for ltd period!

14 Apr

Handmade paper gift tags to use with lokta twine & gift wrap

08 Apr

new 100 gsm Banana artists paper/gift wrap

23 Feb

Buy skeleton leaves from Nepal for your card-making projects

05 Feb

New range of Gold Wrapping Paper to wrap a special gift!


31 Dec

Buy Lokta Origami paper for your paper folding projects

20 Dec

new stock of Ebony Black & Indigo Swirl gift wrap arrived

27 Nov

4 new Gift wrap collections

31 Aug

2 new A4 Fern papers - Walnut Fern and Indigo Fern

28 Aug

3 new colours of lokta string to match envelopes & paper

20 Aug

Unsure what to buy? - see our new Gift Wrap collections!

07 Aug

Fine lokta tissue paper for wrapping expensive presents

09 July

6 new handmade envelopes matching printer paper

02 July

Handmade boxed albums for weddings, photo albums & scrap books

12 Jun

plus 2 more wrapping papers - Walnut Fern Leaf & Green Rose Leaf

05 Jun

2 beautiful new wrapping papers - Golden Garden & Red Fern Leaf

29 Apr

New Vibrant A4 printer papers - Purple & Oyster

22 Mar

Thank you cards - new handmade cards range

12 Feb

Buy handmade wrapping paper for Mothers Day presents


29 Nov

Buy handmade wrapping paper for your Christmas presents

17 Aug

6 colours of lokta string in 10 m and 50 m lengths

30 July

SRA2 computer paper for printers - 640 by 450 mm

07 May

Gallery of photos showing how leaf gift wrap paper is made

07 May

Gallery of photos showing how lokta string is made

06 Mar

Expanded range of Lokta handmade wrapping papers

21 Feb

Expanded range of Natural A4 computer papers

20 Feb

NEW range of Vibrant lokta Computer papers in bright colours

13 Feb

Buy hand made lokta paper string to gift wrap your presents

02 Jan

You can now buy a large range of unusual handmade valentine cards


14 Nov

4 new lokta Gift Wrap papers in rich bright natural colours

07 Mar

New stock of A4 Printer Paper - Festival and Hemp

01 Jan

New Handmade Card Collections home page


25 July

We now sell Himalayan handmade paper for artists, gift wrap and printers

02 May

Bookmark & Share now includes Email a Friend! (below left button bar)

23 Mar

New Honesty collection of handmade greeting cards added

26 Jan

4 new valentine cards added to the Tropical Valentine card collection


15 Dec

Another 9 new handmade greeting cards - new Night Sky greeting cards

09 Dec

Add your Social Networking bookmarks - etc - see left of page

02 Dec

More new handmade Greeting cards and Valentine cards coming soon

06 Jan

Page for UK Stockists of Teresinha’s greeting cards added


12 Dec

Tropical valentine cards and Handmade Paper pages added

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Wild Paper handmade paper
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