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Handmade Papers for Crafts & Artists

Handmade A4 craft papers | Wildpaper handmade papersA4 sheets of smooth, 20 gram screen-printed decorative handmade lokta paper in 10 sheet packs, ideal for a wide range of craft and art work or for wrapping presents and jewellery, and made from lokta bark in Nepal.

Great for your crafts & art work, including decoupage & paper bowl making, origami where you want a decorative paper, or to wrap and set off precious objects, jewellery and small presents to perfection.

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Guinea Fowl A4 craft paper

Guinea Fowl A4 handmade craft papers - 10 sheet pack


Pink Circle A4 craft paper

Pink Circle A4 handmade craft papers - 10 sheet pack




Green Acanthus A4 craft paper

Green Acanthus A4 handmade craft papers - 10 sheet pack


Iridescent A4 craft paper

Iridescent on Black A4 handmade craft papers - 10 sheet pack




Orange Filigree A4 craft paper

Orange Filigree A4 handmade craft papers - 10 sheet pack


Cottage Garden A4 craft paper

Cottage Garden A4 handmade craft papers - 10 sheet pack




Celtic Green A4 craft paper

Celtic Green A4 handmade craft papers - 10 sheet pack


Red Flowers A4 craft paper

Red Flowers A4 handmade craft papers - 10 sheet pack




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More about our Handmade Craft Papers

Paper Size: A4 (i.e. 297 mm by 210 mm)

Our craft papers are handmade in Nepal from the bark of the Lokta bush, Daphne papyracea, and are suitable for use by artists and crafts people as well as for wrapping small presents.

Our handmade craft paper is available in packs of 10 sheets of A4 paper.

These light-weight paper sheets are made from natural sustainable plant products. They are suitable for a variety of decorative paper crafts, including paper bowl making, decoupage and collages, and for covering books and photograph frames.
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