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Handmade Paper Projects

Handmade Paper Vessels

Handmade Paper Vessels | Wild Paper handmade paper

It is both easy and enjoyable to create paper vessels from handmade paper. The feathered edges of torn handmade lokta paper will give your finished project that professional look of a piece created by an artist.

This technique will also suit those who like making pots and ceramics but with the added advantage that you don’t need any special equipment. Vessels made with lokta paper are light like thin porcelain, but surprisingly hard and strong.

handmade paper pencil or brush holder

Pencil or brush holder


shallow paper containers

Cylindrical handmade paper vessels

cylindrical paper pots

Here are several ideas to get you started:- 
A. Handmade Paper Pencil or Brush Holder
This pencil holder is the easiest paper vessel to make and uses the inner cardboard cores of adhesive packing tapes as a framework. Click on this Handmade Paper Pencil Holder link for full instructions (opens a new page).
B. Small Handmade Paper Containers
Small, shallow containers can be made in many shapes and use mount board offcuts as the base. Click on this Handmade Paper Containers link for full instructions (opens a new page).
C. Cylindrical Handmade Paper Vessels
Tall cylindrical vessels that look like handmade pottery and are made using tins or other cylindrical containers as internal moulds or formers. Click on this Cylindrical Paper Vessels link for full instructions (opens a new page).
D. Handmade Paper Bowls (coming soon)
The handmade paper bowls are also easy to make on the inside of a round bowl.
E. Advanced Paper Vessels
The advanced paper vessel techniques allow you to make a wide range of artistic vessels using more complex objects as a mould.

    a. Paper Vessels over a Felt Bowl (coming soon)
    You can make a bowl around the outside of a felt bowl. When the bowl is nearly ready you can collapse the felt bowl and remove it.
    How to make a pumpkin bowl | Wild Paper handmade paper
    b. Paper Vessel over a Pumpkin
    This last project uses a pumpkin, but you can also experiment with a melon, a pomegranate or another hard-skinned fruit. You create a handmade paper vessel around the pumpkin, cut the paper vessel open to remove it, and then stick the paper vessel back together again with pieces of handmade paper. Check out the handmade paper pumpkin bowl page for details.

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