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Handmade Paper Samples & Swatches

View your shopping cart or Check OutUnsure of the patterns, textures or colours of our handmade papers? Not sure what our handmade papers really look like or which paper to choose? Buy a swatch pack or a sample pack.

The A4 Sample packs provide a selection of full A4 sheets of the printer papers that can be put through your printer and are not labelled, as the swatch packs are. The A4 Swatch packs are small labelled swatches that provide a ready reference for appearance, colour, pattern and texture of each paper in an A4 paper range. They complement the Sample packs and help identify the papers in the Sample packs. Read more about our Printer Paper Swatch & Sample packs here.

The gift wrap swatch packs are small labelled swatches but you can also buy our gift wrap selection packs on the Gift Wrap collections page to try out full sheets of a variety of different gift wrap papers.

Postage is only 2.95p if you buy one Swatch pack (for orders up to 3.25). Click on the photos of handmade paper sample and swatch packs below for more info!

Natural A4 Swatch pack

12+ Natural Printer paper swatches 3"x4" printed with names to check paper & colour


1 per customer

Vibrant A4 Swatch pack

10+ Vibrant Printer swatches 3"x4" printed with names to check paper & colour


1 per customer



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More about our Printer Paper swatch packs
You can buy labelled mini-sheet Swatch packs of Printer Papers and Gift Wrap or A4 size Sample packs of the Printer papers containing nearly all the papers in a range to see & feel the papers!

The Handmade Paper Swatch Packs contain labelled 3"x4" mini-sheets of the A4 printer papers to check the paper texture & colour and to provide a reference against future purchases from the range. The swatches are too small to put through your computer printer! If you want to try out the printer papers, then buy a sample pack. We suggest that you buy both a sample pack and a swatch pack for the papers that you are interested in. The Sample pack lets you try the papers out and the swatch pack identifies the papers.

The A3 printer papers are the same papers as the A4 papers and therefore the printer paper swatch and sample packs can be used to try out the A3 computer papers as well. You may need both Natural and Vibrant swatch & sample packs.

The swatch pack for the Gift wrap & Artists’ papers contains 5"x3" (approximate size) labelled swatches of both Gift wrap & Artists’ papers in the same pack, to check paper, texture & colour.

Natural Paper

Thick A4 papers

Vibrant Colours

Origami Paper

handmade printer paper

thick handmade computer paper

vibrant hand made computer paper

handmade origami paper

Natural lokta computer paper for laser & inkjet printers with natural dyes & fibres – aspen, cutch, indigo, pomegranate, walnut, jute & hemp on lokta or banana.

Thicker, stiffer hand made printer paper for card making, posters, scrap booking & other paper projects with lokta, jute & hemp.

Vibrant A4 paper for eye-catching notices & posters, card making, scrap booking & your own distinctive stationery handmade from lokta paper dyed in brighter colours

Try our lokta origami papers cut to 20 cm square. Our handmade origami paper provides stiffness and durability whilst being flexible, soft and exceptionally strong.

More about our Handmade Paper
Most of our handmade computer paper is made from the bark of the Lokta bush in Nepal and is a either smooth-finished, calendered printer paper with machine-cut edges, suitable for use in inkjet and laser printers; or larger sheets of uncalendered hand made paper used mainly as wrapping paper for gifts and for wrapping fine crafts or as artists paper, but both calendered and uncalendered paper can be used for a very wide variety of purposes.

Tell us what you use your handmade paper for via the contact form or through the Wild Paper Facebook page! We would be very interested to know.

We sell  handmade Lokta paper from Nepal, in two types of sheets –
1. smooth-finished, calendered computer paper suitable for inkjet printers, mainly in A4-size but also in A3 and SRA2,
2. large sheets of un-calendered, deckle-edged, Double Crown-size poster paper. These sheets are an ideal size to use for wrapping presents, and for decorative paper crafts, including card making, and for art work.

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  3. History of lokta paper manufacture in Nepal
  4. Teresinha’s handmade paper

Beautiful presents, gift wrap & cards for every occasion:-


handmade lokta paper string

handmade artists paper

handmade golden gift wrap

handmade envelopes

lokta string

handmade artists paper

golden wrapping papers

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