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Wild Paper

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About Wildpaper

Wild Paper - Handmade Paper for Every Occasion

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About Wild Paper handmade paper

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What we do:
Wild Paper sells beautiful handmade paper and handmade cards – use our handmade artist’s paper for gift and present wrapping, and for your crafting and scrapbooking projects, and our handmade computer printer paper for distinctive notices and greeting cards.

Who we are:
Wild Paper was set up in 2005 and we acquired the domain in autumn 2006. We initially concentrated on handmade greeting cards using Teresinha’s own hand-made paper and textiles dyed with natural dyes but subsequently branched out into handmade lokta paper from Nepal in the Himalayas to cater for a large demand for handmade paper.

Lokta paper produced as computer printer paper and as gift wrap, now forms a major part of the business, together with other lokta paper products, including lokta twine and lokta paper envelopes.

Wild Paper’s Value Proposition – our aims

  1. Handmade paper and cards at the right price
  2. A fast and friendly service
  3. All the information you need in one place

We believe that no-one else on the web can offer these three. You can buy from Wild Paper with confidence.

Teresinha’s Bio:
Teresinha Roberts is a Brazilian-born textile and paper artist who has an MSc in biology and a City & Guilds in art and design. She wrote a field guide to southern Brazilian birds and worked on a World Wide Fund for Nature project in the Amazon before later turning to art and sculpture.

Teresinha currently specialises in projects using handmade paper, textiles and natural dyes. She has a workshop in Birmingham's prestigious artists' complex, the Custard Factory.

Teresinha dyes fabric with woad grown on her Birmingham allotment and has appeared in an oft-repeated BBC "Gardeners' World" programme on BBC TV, as well as in other radio and TV broadcasts.

She uses the natural dyes grown on her allotment to produce a unique range of handmade cards that incorporate fabrics, such as silk and cotton, and a range of natural artefacts in unusual and striking combinations.

She is a member of the Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers and comes from a family with a long line of textile tradition. Her ancestors were weavers and lived near Erfurt in Thuringia – the heart of the woad industry in Germany – before emigrating from Germany to Brazil.

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How to contact us:-

Wild Paper handmade paper
Studio 1-318, Scott House, The Custard Factory, Gibb Street, Birmingham B9 4DT, UK

Contact: Mike for enquiries on
Tel:       07866 262743 or

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