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A4 Printer Paper

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Handmade A4 & A3 Printer Paper

Buy A3 and A4 handmade printer paper (11.7 inch by 8.25 inch) for eye-catching wedding, birthday and party invitations, notices & posters, card making, scrap booking & your own distinctive stationery – made from Lokta bark in Nepal. Click on a photo to explore your choices now...

Natural Paper

Thick A4 papers

Vibrant Colours

handmade printer paper

thick handmade computer paper

vibrant hand made computer paper

Natural lokta computer paper for laser & inkjet printers with natural dyes & fibres – aspen, cutch, indigo, walnut, pomegranate, jute & hemp on lokta/banana.

Thicker, stiffer hand made printer paper for card making, posters, scrap booking & other paper projects with lokta, jute & hemp.

Vibrant A4 paper for eye-catching notices & posters, card making, scrap booking & handmade stationery  from lokta paper dyed in brighter colours

A3 Printer Paper

Origami Paper

swatch packs

A3 computer paper

handmade origami paper

handmade paper sample and swatch packs

A3 printer papers (16.5 inch by 11.7 inch) from the Natural & Vibrant ranges for all your art & craft projects, and larger printing. Try them now.

Try our lokta origami papers cut to 20 cm square. Our handmade origami paper provides stiffness and durability whilst being flexible, soft and exceptionally strong.

Unsure of patterns, textures or colours of our printer papers? Buy labelled mini-sheet Swatch packs or A4 size Sample packs containing all the papers in a range.

More about our A4 and A3 Computer Printer Paper

Most of our handmade computer paper is from the bark of the Lokta bush and is a smooth-finished, calendered A4-size printer paper with machine-cut edges, suitable for use in inkjet and laser printers. It is a fine, lightweight paper at 50-60 gsm that feeds readily through your printer, doesn’t requires adjustment of your printer settings and takes the ink or toner well.

A4 printer paper is 297 mm by 210 mm (11.7 inch by 8.25 inch) and is the most popular standard international size for computer printers. We also sell A3 handmade paper (twice A4, i.e. 420 mm by 297 mm) and SR A2 paper for commercial printers (640 by 450 mm)!

Note on handmade paper colours
Note that all of of our papers are handmade and hand-dyed. The patterns and colours may therefore differ from the photographs and differ between and within batches. This is a feature of truly handmade papers.

You can also buy lokta paper in Double Crown-size sheets (760 mm by 510 mm);

  1. Buy a wide range of handmade lokta wrapping paper for special presents
  2. Buy handmade Artists paper for arts and craft use (or use them as wrapping paper).

We sell  handmade Lokta paper from Nepal, in two types of sheets –
1. smooth-finished, calendered computer paper suitable for inkjet printers, mainly in A4-size or A3 but also in SRA2,
2. large sheets of un-calendered, deckle-edged, Double Crown-size poster paper. These sheets are an ideal size to use for wrapping presents, and for decorative paper crafts, including card making, and for art work.

Beautiful presents, gift wrap & cards for every occasion:-


handmade lokta paper string

handmade artists paper

handmade golden gift wrap

handmade lokta envelopes

lokta string

handmade artists paper

golden wrapping papers

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